Centre for Sustainable Development in the Central and Highlands region (SUSDEC) is a non government organization on  community, environment, natural resources sustainable development in Central and Highlands region. These are areas that poverty rate is still high, local people life have difficulties. This area also have negative impacts of natural disasters as such as flood, typhoon, high tide, ... under effective of climate change which threat sustainable development of the area. In three years 2009, 2010, 2011 consecutive happen big storms, floods, droughts and also some hazards result from operation of dams is not reasonable that cause big damage include people and property for this area. We are people who want to do something to help the area develop more and more sustainable from disaster risks and climate change context. So we decided to establish the SUSDEC.

The SUSDEC conduct to communication, building capacity programs and implement some projects/programs on sustainable development base on community based approach especial vulnerable people such as children, women, elderly, people with disabilities. Some sectors we focused on: livelihood, education, health, wise useful and manage to natural resources, protection environment in industry, agriculture and service. We also
working with stakeholders to implement the training and build models on disasters prevention and mitigation and adaptation to climate change in vulnerable communes in the Central and Highlands.


     The SUSDEC –Sustainable Development in Central and Highlands of Vietnam is a non-governmental organization with the mission of encouraging the sustainable development of the Central and Highlands areas of Vietnam. SUSDEC promotes communication, training, capacity building, and collaboration with others to develop and implement projects that are sustainable, supportive of the community, effective, conserving natural resources, and protective of the environment. SUSDEC also cooperates in programs that prevent and mitigate disasters that may be caused by human activities or climate change.

1. We conduct research, communication and capacity building for local people and authorities, especially the community of ethnic minority, disadvantaged children in order to reduce poverty and improve livelihoods, sustainable management and use of natural resources and environmental base on adaptation to climate change, disaster risk reduction and sea level rise.

2. Implementation of pilot projects on sustainable development in the Central and Highlands region from which to replicate this models in other areas where have the same context.

3. Advocacy on the natural resources management and use, protection environment and community development so they are more consistent and effective when implemented in the life.

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