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SW version: 1.2
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OS requirement: 2.1 
(iPhone OS v3.0 tested)


Speed Test Classic brings the classic coin operated speed test game to your device. In this game you must put all your reflexes and coordination control to the maximum limit in order to beat the game or your friends.

The game itself is simple. The buttons light up and you must press them in the exact same order as they light up. The speed, in which the buttons light up, increases all the time and when you make a mistake... even if it is only one... the game is over.

How To

The game is started by simply pressing the Start-button. The buttons will start to light up one after another. You should press the buttons in the same order as the buttons light up. When you make a mistake the final score is shown.

If the user wants to change the settings of the game, then the user should double tap the screen in the same location. This will bring up the info-button that is otherwise hidden. If no user interaction (double tap) is applied in five seconds the info button will disappear. By pressing the info button the settings view is opened. In the settings view one can clear the high-score or turn off the sound.

Have Fun

This is an addictive game and in my opinion  a perfect game to compete against your friends. Have fun and enjoy the experience.



Free update 1.2 Released 17.11.2009
- Scoreloops online Hi-Score leaderboard added. Now it is easier to compete against your friends.

Free update 1.1 Released 14.08.2009
- New more descriptive icon added.

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