Moon Racer

Status: For Sale
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SW version: 1.0
Price: 0.99 US$ or 0.79€
Size: 7.8MB
OS requirement: 2.2
(iPhone OS v3.0 tested)


Finally Moon Racer has been ported to iPhone/iPod touch.

The game itself is a simple 2D racing game featuring old school music (commodore 64 style) and graphics.

Moon Racer features a Moon Buggy vehicle driving in lower gravity space. The Moon Buggy has a all wheel drive, but most of the torque is generated from the back wheels. The vehicle itself is almost indestructible. The weakest part of the vehicle are the joints connecting the wheels to the chassis. The joints may be bent, however one may still try to drive the vehicle if possible. The vehicle can also make a roll jump, which comes in handy if the vehicle turns up side down.

The game contains 15 simple levels categorized by difficulty (Easy. Medium, Hard). The levels feature normal straigths, slippery iceworlds and different kinds of moving grounds and other obstacles to overcome. The idea of the game is to drive through each level as fast as possible and the faster time the better. There is also a high score list where one can see how fast one has driven each level.


No Internet connection is needed to play the game.

Technical details

The 2D graphics are implemented using OpenGLES and the game physics engine is powered by Chipmunk.


                                                    Main View

                                                  Easy Link view

                                               Medium Level view

                                                   Hard Level view

                                                Example Game view

                                                Example Game view

                                                Example Game view

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