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SW version: 1.0
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OS requirement: 2.1 
(iPhone OS v3.0 tested)

iStardate shows the current stardate. It can be used as a clock, because the stardate is updated when time passes.

- Shows the current stardate and uses the same format/tehnique as *Google Calendar does.

- Updates stardate as time passes (Clock feature). Note that stardate is updated about once in 3 minutes.

- The user can lock the screen for the device and let the clock run in the background. (Nice night stand clock feature)

- Future updates will include, support of other stardate formats, support for translating Julian, Gregorian and Quadcent to stardate.

As everyone knows the format how to calculate the stardate is not obvious and there is alot of discussion about how to present stardates. We have decided to use the same stardate calculation format as the boys/girls over at *Google Calendar has used. It can be disputed that is this the correct format. However we intend to support more stardate formats in the future versions of this application. 

*GOOGLE CALENDAR is a trademark of Google Inc.

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