Cappa Chess

Status: Under implementation
SW version 0.3.1
Size: xxx
Price: Free
OS requirement: xxx
Current situation: implementation phase.


Cappa Chess is an iPhone Chess application that has all the main features of a chess game.

- Play as White, Black, Player VS Player or let the device play againts itself.

- Take back moves

- Game history

- Clock/Time support (enable or disable clock)

- Five different levels.

- Elo level about 2200 ELO

- Save/Load/Delete games

- Board switches when chaning from playing black side to white side.

- By double tapping the piece the application displays the legal moves for the current piece.

- Easy and intuitive drag and drop piece movement. Highlighting is shown all the time to ease
the movement of the piece.


The following screenshots are taken from the application that is still under implementation.
The final product may cary quite alot from what is seen below.

               Splash screen

Main view: simple touch and drag piece
movement with highlighting.

             Save/Load view

           Game settings view

Move hints by double tapping the screen