Gon Lo Mein (Pan Fried Soy Sauce Noodles)

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Gon Lo Mein (Soy Sauce Pan Fried Noodles)

14oz. pack           Chow Mein, Pan Fried Noodles

½                             onion, sliced thin

1              bunch   green onions, cut into thin strips

¼                             cabbage, chopped small

1                              carrot, cut into thin strips

3              Tbsp.     oil


½             pound       Char Sui (Chinese BBQ Pork), sliced into thin match sticks


1              Tbsp.     Soy Sauce (Kikkoman)

1              Tbsp.     Dark Soy Sauce (Mushroom Soy Sauce)

1              Tbsp.     Oyster Sauce

1              Tbsp.     water

½             tsp.        sesame oil

¼             tsp.        salt

¼             tsp.        sugar

½             Tbsp.     rice cooking wine

1/8           tsp.        white pepper

Drop the Chow Mein noodles in boiling water for 1 min.  Rinse with cold water and drain.

Heat the wok on high and add 1 Tbsp. oil.  Carefully place the noodles into the pan and spread out evenly. Let cook for 3 - 5 min. to crisp up.  Flip/turn noodles over and add 1 more Tbsp. oil around the edges of the noodles to crisp up other side; cook for another 3 - 5 min.  Remove noodles from the pan and set aside.

Place last Tbsp. oil in the wok.  Add onions, cabbage, carrots and cook for about 1 min. to wilt.  Add back noodles; toss to mix with veggies.  Add sauce and toss to mix; Add green onions and cook for another 30 seconds to a min.