Susan Larned Womble  Author/Teacher

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The Big Wheel

Newt's World Beginnings
Newt's World Internal Byte
Newt's World Beginnings Workbook
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Newt's World Internal Byte Workbook
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About The Big Wheel
“The Big Wheel” is a dystopian story. Womble decided to write about her experiences in Bavaria in this book using her firsthand accounts of the setting to weave a tale about a society long separated that has to find a way to work together again. Parts of the story deals with indentured servants, royals, slavery, the 'haves' and 'have nots'. Some people who have flaws are deemed Undesirable and labeled as such while others are branded as Uncounteds and are under the control of the mercenaries who sell people as slaves. Quarantined because of a virus outbreak twelve years this new society forms and communications are restored. It is a fight between the “royals,” the society of island people who control the root that cures the virus and the mercenaries who want to control everything and everyone. A small rebellion for democracy begins in a tiny farming village and spreads quickly throughout Bavaria and then to America. Visit www.susanwomble.com for more information. Contact her at susan.womble@gmail.com.