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"The foundation of every state is the education of its youth." -Diogenes Laertius

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This site is to serve as an online tool for students and parents to get basic information on my classes, find and replace a lost syllabus, ask questions about assignments, share thoughts and ideas about books being read in class or independently, and provide a link to student pages where their class

Students, do you need to know where you can get your own copy of the books required for class, want to pick up your summer reading early?  Need to see another copy of the syllabus?  Check the "Student Resources" section.

Parents, do you have questions about what your students are reading in class, want to see the homework assignments, want suggestions about how you can answer your student's homework questions or how you can get your student to read more?  Check out the "Parent Resources" portion of the site.  

Are you a teacher who needs some ideas on how to teach Jane Austen to a class full of boys?  Need to find a way to reach your students about plot and scene development in Shakespeare?  Please take a look at the lesson plans and articles on the "Professional Resources" portion of the page or share your suggestions on the professionals portion of the message board.  

Curious about who this Mrs. Strait person is?  Feel free to look at my "About Mrs. Strait" page to read about who I am, my education, and my passion about teaching. 

It is with great sadness that I read this morning that author Robert Jordan passed away Sunday, September 16, 2007.  Click here for information on this writer.