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DeeDee **Adopted**

This mild-mannered 8 year old girl with a bit of a prissy personality. DeeDee’s ideal home would be calm household with patient humans that appreciate her easy-going nature. While she is shy upon first greeting, she warms up quickly to peanut butter treats and a good ear scratch. We see a Weight Watchers program in her near future!  She gets along good with other dogs, cats and children. DeeDee will need a fenced-in yard, but due to her short little legs, it can be a standard height for yard fences. This funny lab/corgi mix is up-to-date on all vaccinations, spayed, and micro-chipped.



Lilly **Adopted**

Lilly is an affectionate and people-loving lab with a shiny black coat. Her behavior is that of a much younger dog than her actual 10 years.  Lilly is in good health and playful! However, Lilly can not be in a home with other pets.  She really enjoys a fenced-in yard where she can play with her humans during the day or just enjoy the outside.  Lilly loves children very much and equally likes men and women. Lilly is treat motivated, walks well on a leash, is spayed, and current on all her vaccinations. She’s also a cuddler. (See more photos)

See Lilly in an interview with Susan before Susan passed:


Christian **Adopted**

Christian is a 4 year old, happy, lab mix that can get in a wet sloppy kiss faster than you can imagine! He gets along with everyone, including children (we recommend they be over 10 years of age). Christian enjoys the company of most female dogs, males not-so-much. He requires a 4’ fence and is used to being in a large crate at bedtime. He’s a good candidate to be a walking buddy.



Cubby got his name because he looks like a bear. He is 7 years old and weighs 65 pounds (and could stand to drop a few of those). He loves to chill on the sofa, is very social, good with kids and female dogs.  Cubby has gotten mixed-reviews on sharing a home with a cat, so we suggest his new home be cat-free.  He is sly about sneaking in kisses and his hobby is sun bathing.  Cubby requires a fenced-in yard. He is micro-chipped and an all around great dog!
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Bruiser **Adopted**

This 4 year old Catahoula boy weighs 80lbs, neutered, up-to-date on flea and heartworm preventive, and micro-chipped. Bruiser a fun combination of high-energy and affectionate. We have jokingly nick-named him “Bruiser” as he is so much muscle. He answers to this name very well, but we listed him under his “proper” name, Riley, on his veterinary paperwork. He would be a great dog for a runner and/or active house-hold. Because he has not had exposure to other dogs, we recommend he be in an "one dog only" household.  Children need to be dog-savy and at least 12 years of age to handle his high energy.  True to his breed, he can not be placed in a home with cats (he thinks of them as squeaky toys). A sturdy 6' fence is necessary to ensure his safety and your peace of mind!
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Honey  **Adopted**

Honey is 4 years old, spayed, weighs 50lbs and is crate-trained. Honey is a bit more timid than her out-going brother, Buddy, but she warms up to calm kids and adults. She gets along well with other dogs, and doesn't bother the cats she lives with.  Honey and Buddy are used to having a constant canine companion. Honey is a surprisingly agile fence climber, so a 6' fence is best for her new home.
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Buddy  **Adopted**

Buddy is a 4 year old sweetheart, weighs 70lbs and won't complain about your weight if you don't complain about his. Buddy is neutered and micro-chipped. He likes to please his human companions. Is good with kids, cats, and other dogs. If you sit face-to-face with Buddy, he will take every opportunity to lick your nose and make your laugh. Buddy, like his sister Honey, is an enthusiastic fence climber, so a 6' fence is best for his new home.


Gabriel **Adopted** 

Gabriel is 4 years old, weighs 45lbs, neutered, micro-chipped and is up-to-date on flea and heartworm preventive. This boy is obedience school trained! Gabriel wants to be a mostly outside dog as he gets grumpy when crated or inside a house for more than a few hours. He will require a 6' fence and a well-insulated dog house or a doggie door on a garage during bad weather.  Gabriel is a well mannered hand-shaker, enjoys leash walks, and is good with female dogs, cats, and kids over 12 years of age.
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Emmy **Adopted**

Emmy is 5 years old, weighs 50lbs, spayed, and is up-to-date on flea and heartworm preventive. Although Emmy is extremely timid, she slowly builds trust and is then very devoted to her humans.
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Simon  **Adopted**

This sweet senior boy is full of affection and longs for human companionship. He moves a little slower than his smaller canine companion DeeDee, but is just as quick to share one of his stuffed animals with you as any younger pup. And like most of us as we age, the hearing is not as sharp as it once was....although he does tune-in quickly to a call for treats. This long-legged 13 year old fellow is laid back and gentle. He’s seeking a comfy spot to enjoy his golden years and bring a smile to everyone he greets.

Thank you "Ruff Cuts Pet Spa" of Youngsville, NC for grooming us prior to adoption! Contact: 919-554-3080