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Captain O'Kane
Sheet music for "Captain O'Kane," a beautiful and dramatic composition by Turlough O'Carolan arranged for Celtic harp. 

Danny Boy
Sheet music for "Danny Boy" arranged for Celtic harp, voice, and flute. The arrangement also includes a harp solo that may be substituted for the flute solo or may be played on its own as an instrumental. This song is about a man saying goodbye to his son who is going off to war, not knowing if he will ever see his son again. The gorgeous melody, glorious nature imagery, and the unusual theme of a man’s love for his son make this song one of the world’s most beloved classics. The MP3 recording is from my debut CD, "Dance of the Fairies." 

Dawn at the Lakes
This is an impressionistic piece I composed for the harp. It was inspired by images of light and water. It's so enjoyable to look at beautiful pictures while listening to music.

Here Comes the Bride
This is my arrangement for harp of the classic piece for the bride's entrance in a wedding.

O Holy Night
Arrangement for Celtic harp and soprano of the classic Christmas carol.

Om Shanti Om
This is a traditional Hindu chant for peace that I set to music. "Shanti" means "peace" in the classical Indian language Sanskrit. "Om" in the Hindu belief was the original sound of the universe when it was created. "Om shanti" is a popular traditional Hindu chant and the intent is to quiet oneself inwardly and visualize peace when the word "peace" is spoken. "Shanti" is often chanted three times.

Planxty Fanny Power
This is my arrangement for harp of the delightful piece written by famous Irish harper Turlough O'Carolan (1670-1738) as a tribute to Fanny Power.

Si Bheag Si Mohr (Sheebeg Sheemore)
One of Turlough O'Carolan's (1670-1738) most famous and beautiful of harp compositions, "Si Bheag Si Mohr" means "Little Fairy Hill, BiFairy Hill" and is inspired by these hills in Ireland. It is said there once was an epic battle between the two warring fairy people of these hills.

Simple Gifts
A lovely Shaker melody. This is an arrangement I wrote to show off the wonderful range of the harp. The music happens to fall very well under harp fingers and so is surprisingly easy to play.

Suantraí, a Gaelic Christmas Lullaby
This hauntingly beautiful song is from the traditional Christmas lullaby known as "The Lullaby of Our Savior" or "Christ's Lullaby."

Sumiko's Waltz
This is sheet music for a waltz I composed and named after my mother,  Sumiko, in the tradition of Irish harp players such as the famous Turlough O'Carolan who would name pieces after people to whom they  wished to say "thank you." The music includes both the harp arrangement and flute harmonies. The harp part may be played as a solo or as a duet with flute.

Willow Tree ( I Will Bow and Be Simple )
A Shaker song about having the grace to be flexible in the face of conflict or hardship, so that like the willow tree, one can bend and not be broken. Sung in E major in the video below, the song is also available in C major.
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(Note: E major version: highest sung note is the second E above middle C and the lowest played note is the second E below middle C. C major version: highest sung note is the first C above middle C and the lowest played note is the second C below middle C)