Celtic music and my harp

A friend introduced me to Celtic music at an Irish pub where live musicians played tunes in a big circle ("seisiuns"). At first I resisted, imagining the place full of drunk people having fistfights and throwing glasses across the room, but I finally went and instead found a warm and inviting atmosphere. The lovely music was captivating and it made me think of elves and fairies. I play and write music influenced by this sound.

My harp is a Dusty Strings full-size, 34-string Celtic harp, in American walnut. After searching for months, and playing a number of beautiful harps, I decided to get a Dusty Strings. These harps, made by a manufacturer based in Seattle, were the only ones that made an inexplicable feeling of happiness come over me when I played.

I tried as many models of Dusty's as I could, in as many wood types as possible, and settled on walnut. It has a slightly dark, complex and enchanting tone, and the middle and upper strings have the extreme sweetness and sincerity I was looking for.