Who is Susan?

Susan R Lin
My joy is to enrich people's lives. 

I love to distill things to their essence to create experiences that delight people. If there's already a great product or service, I look for ways to bring out its spirit and reach the people whose lives will be enriched by it. 

I love to figure out what excites and resonates with people, and to make something they'll find memorable and wonderful. 

I focus on who I'm trying to reach, work to understand them, and create a strategy that aligns with their vision and mission. My work is grounded in brand identity, product development, user experience, and realized by program management, strategic communications, and clean execution. 

I have extensive experience managing global programs in wine and spirits, high-tech, and the performing arts.  

What drives me is a desire to learn ever more about the fascinating world we live in, and to bring joy to people's lives. 

Managers, colleagues, and clients have described me as:

  • Empathic and aware of others
  • Able to determine what resonates with people
  • Culturally alert and behaviorally flexible
  • Able to find common ground
  • Visionary, yet strategic and practical
  • Resilient and able to navigate ambiguity
  • Excellent in execution and process management
  • Committed and delivers quality results
  • Able to drive a strong vision across borders
  • A holistic leader: strong, organized, approachable
  • A collaborative teammate: adaptable, proactive, in tune
Things important to me:

I have a burning desire to understand what makes people excited about something. What is it about an experience or idea that touches someone on an emotional level? This springs from a deep respect for people and a wish to bring more joy into everyone's lives.

Research and Strategy
It's great fun to explore and connect the dots: Breadth or depth (usually both), I dive into a topic, research and synthesize data, and share to help people reach their goals or to make their lives more colorful.  It's beyond the facts: What stories might data tell us? How do we take what we know to make amazing things happen?  

I naturally desire to connect with people, wherever they come from, whatever their values. There's always common ground to be found. I love to listen, and to share.

I study languages to get closer to the heart of the way people perceive the world. Language teaches culture, which in turn teaches openness. I speak and write:
  • Mandarin Chinese - Simplified and Traditional
  • Japanese
  • French 
  • Spanish
... and I can get by in Korean and German.

Wine, Performing Arts, Speaking

Wine & Spirits

It's cerebral, it's visceral; it has history, culture, science, and art all embodied by enchanting, potable liquid - what's not to like? See what I'm excited about on Twitter @SusanRLin and join me on my reports and tasting notes!
  • I love to create great experiences. Whether you're a winery looking to develop your brand and marketing strategy, an individual wanting to build a knockout wine collection, or a restaurant needing a Wine Program, I will make it happen for you!  
  • I have the following qualifications:
  • I am a WSET Certified Educator and teach Level 2 and Level 3 courses.
  • Join me! Adventures, reviews, discoveries. 

My first paycheck was for playing the piano when I was a kid. I earned my Masters of Fine Arts in classical piano and musicology in Spring 2015 with honors and am available for solo, accompaniment, and ensemble engagements.

  • I'm the proud owner of a 1976 Steinway Model M Grand piano, which gracefully tolerates my daily practicing.  I write about my travails at Romance in Black and White.
I perform as a dancer of Chinese classical and ethnic styles, grounded in classical ballet.  I have danced professionally in New York City in theater and Latin jazz styles. 
I write about my dance life at Dancing with Joy.

Speaking Engagements and Education
I'm happy sharing knowledge to help others see their own potential so they can live more empowered lives, through warm and strategic (Socratic!) dialogue.  

  • I served on Google's education program, teaching courses from leadership to time management.