Susanna Esteban

Department of Economics
Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona

Address:  Dpt. of Economics and Economic History, Building B

               Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona, Bellaterra 08193

E-mail:     susanna dot esteban at gmail dot com

  Tel:        (+34) 93 581 2194


When do Secondary Markets Harm Firms?, with Jiawei Chen and Matthew Shum, American Economic Review, forthcoming, [PDF]

Supplemental material [PDF]

Nonlinear Pricing with Self-Control Preferences, with Eiichi Miyagawa and Matthew ShumJournal of Economic Theory vol 135 (2007), no 1, pages 306-336, [link]

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Table of summary statistics [link]

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Working Papers

Optimal Menu of Menus with Self-Control Preferenceswith Eiichi Miyagawa

This article has been peer-reviewed in "NAJ Economics, Peer Reviews of Economics Publications",  vol. 12, September 24, 2005 (link)", [PDF]  


Equilibrium Dynamics in Semi-Durable Goods Markets, [PDF]

Organizational Hierarchy, Incentive Contracts, and Manager Turnover, with Gerard Llobet

International Integration of Used Markets with a Monopoly Producer, with Eric W. Bond, [PDF

SERIEs (Journal of the Spanish Economic Association)