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If you have a web page that is about crossdressing or TG/TS I would love to visit it and learn about you. I am also planning on creating a friends and resource page and would like to put a link to your page with your permission (you are also more then welcome to link to mine).




These are some pictures of me this year with my new wig. I spent a week as Susan. It was so much fun and for the first time I went out during the day and went shopping. I went up to Seattle for a day and went to a couple malls. Spent time in Nordstrom’s, Macy’s and even Victoria’s Secret. It was one of the most enjoyable weeks I have had. Take a close look at the two different wigs and let me know which you think looks better.




These pictures below are from a couple years ago. I was not really going out at this time other then some late night drives.




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Here they are, some pictures of Susan

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I have put pictures of my Acrylic nails on Flickr