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Halloween 2006


Susan’s first time out in public was on Halloween back when I was in High School. I dressed up and went to the mall and walked around for about a half an hour. On my way home I drove by a haunted house and decided to go through it as Susan. I had to stand in line. Luckily there were a few girls in front of me. They laughed at first but I told them I had lost a bet and they seamed okay with that story. It took about 45 minutes to go through the line and they talked with me while we waited. We even all went through the house together. Afterwards they invited me to a Halloween party. I really wanted to go but was too scared. I always think back and wonder whether I should have gone or not.  


These are Pictures from Halloween 2006. I dressed up in a little black dress for work. After work I stopped at Hooters for dinner. I have always wanted to go there as Susan and this was my chance. I had a great time and even got a couple pictures with the Hooter Girls. What do you think, could I be one?

This is my Little Black Dress That I just love. I need to loose a little weight so it will fit better. I love short dresses that show off my legs and high heels. there is something about walking in high heels that I love. the sound they make on the floor or ground. I know a lot of women don't like them and maybe if I wore them more I might feel different (I really don't think so) but thats what I hear frome some women I know (Men just don't know how hard it is to walk in heels).

Susan with the Hooter Girls. What a great day this was. Wouldn't it be great to work here and get to be Susan all the time. I love the little outfits they wear. Women get all the cute clothing. short dresses, skirts, those adorable little tops, sexy lingerie. They also get to wear makeup and get their nails done. it is a real shame that men in todays society can not wear these things or try to look pretty.


Halloween is the greatest Holiday ever. It gives you the chance to be who ever you want and nobody thinks anything of it. I have in the past dressed up as a Witch, French Maid, Police woman, Nurse, and even Cher. The bad part is I did not have my didgital camera and so I have no pictures of those costumes. My favorite was the French Maid and the Police woman.


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