Susan Miller Acrylic Nails Pictures

I Love getting my nails done. Here are some pictures


I have found that I really love to wear short skirts and high heels. The feeling is great but I am learning the more I go out that I can’t dress the way I like if I want to blend in. I have read a lot on other pages about how to best pass and I must say for the most part they are right. The trick is to dress appropriate for where you are and what you are doing. Going out shopping at the mall in the middle of the day in my cute little black dress and high heels although would be fun I would stand out. No other women would be dressed that way. So I have started to really pay attention to what other women wear.

My clothes selection has been changing because of this. I have bought several pairs of pants and some low heals. I even bought a pair of flats. I am finding that if I dress more like the other women people don’t pay attention to me and I kind of blend in.




I love going to the nail salon and getting my nails done. It is so relaxing and such a feminine feeling. To have someone work on your nails, filing them and putting on acrylic and nail polish. You truly feel like a princess. If you have never taken the time to try this you really should.

 This is one of the things I love most about crossdressing. I get my nails done at least once a year and try for twice. If I could have them all the time I would in a second. I think they look so beautiful and they feel so great. It is such a shame that men can’t enjoy this just the same.

 I have only had my digital camera for a short time so I only have pictures from the last three times. The first group I had a dark red nail polish put on. It looked better then in the picture. For some reason the picture makes it look darker then it really was.

The next group is when I had a French manicure. This looks so lovely on women’s hands and it does look great but I think having smaller hands makes this one look better.

The next group and my most resent I had a bright red nail polish. Again it is a little brighter then it looked in the bottle when I picked it out. I know which one I like the best but would love to hear what others think. You can e-mail me and tell me . Chek out all my nail pictures here.

I have been thinking the next time I get them done I might try a Pink color. I hope to get the chance again over the summer to spend a week as Susan and this is always a good time to have your nails done. The last time I was able to keep my nails for a whole week which was great. Usually it’s just for the weekend. Would love to hear from other crossdressers and find out more about you and your likes about crossdressing. You never know we might have something in common also any genetic girls are welcome. I must warn you all though I am not gay and am not looking for a man. If you are male and just looking to pick someone up please look else where. 

 I have put all my pictures of my Acrylic nails on Flickr so you can check them out.

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I have put pictures of my Acrylic nails on Flickr