Susan Makeup Tips

These are my tips and what works for me.


Remember Nordstrom's and Macy's have great makeup counters and they will be glad to help you especially if they get a sale.

Makeup brands I use and like

Cover Girl


I am sure there are many more kinds that are just as good or better but it's my page so I stick with what I use and like. If have used other brands that you like please let me know as I am always willing to try new kinds of makeup.

Well this is my attempt at giving makeup tips. I am by no means an expert but I am getting better at it. I thought I would tell you where I had my problems and what I did about them.

My first problem I had with makeup was finding what looked good on me. I love red and so I always bought red lipstick and although this can look good even on me there is a time and place for it. Going out in the middle of the day with bright red lipstick was not a good look. I found I had to tone down my makeup unless I was going out to a club which I really don’t do. I really started to pay attention to other women and how they wore their makeup during the day, at the store or mall, at restaurants and even the movies. This is the hardest thing for a crossdresser. One of the things I love most about crossdressing is the makeup. You also should pay attention to the clothes other women are wearing but that’s another topic. I learned that if I wanted to have the best shot at passing I had to dress more and do my makeup more like other women.

Now I know that I am not really passing, if someone looks close at me they will know. The trick is to blend in enough so nobody really takes the time to look close. The other point is if you try to blend in even if they notice they usually don’t say anything. So my best advice is to study other women your age and learn from them. The other advice I would give is to go to the makeup counter and get some help picking out the right shades. I have gone to both Nordstrom’s and Macy’s. I have gone to both and they have always been helpful and friendly. Tip be honest with them, they are interested in selling makeup and if they think you will be a repeat customer you get better service. If you don’t feel you can do this take a day trip to another city. I live in PortlandOregon so the first time I did this I drove up to Seattle for the day. That way I new I would not see anyone I new and had a great time. Yes the makeup does cost a lot more but once you learn what colors you need you can get less expensive brands. I personal prefer Cover Girl and Revlon. I think they are just as good for a part time T-girl. You also want to use a moisturizer every day even if you only dress part time. I use a moisturizer every day sense I was in my 20’s and people say I look 10 years younger then I am even in my male mod.

One of the things I have been having the most trouble with is covering my beard shadow. There are all kinds of products on the internet that say they will cover your beard shadow. I have not tried them. What I have found is to use a little concealer just a little lighter then your foundation to cover your shadow. Be careful not to use too much and blend in. Now you want to put your foundation on. I use Cover Girl mostly at night and if I am going out in the day I use Revlon color stay (just in case it is hot out, don’t want to sweet it away). I have found that both work well and are reasonable priced. When you apply your foundation please use a cosmetic sponge and start from the center of your face and apply outward. Follow with a dusting powder again lighter then your foundation.

When doing your eye makeup unless you are early 20’s or younger or going out to a dance club remember less is more. Heavy eye makeup, on an older women does not look as good and again be sure and choose your colors appropriate for what you are doing. Bright blue eye shadow is hard to make look good even for a young girl. I have found that the dark browns, Plums, or even a dark green used sparingly seems to look good. Always use mascara even if you are not putting on eye shadow. Eye liner should accent your eyes not make you look like a raccoon. Remember you want to accent your look not give other people something to look at.

Your lips, I truly believe that a woman should always have on lipstick even if it has just a little color. I think it just sets the whole look off. Again choose your color appropriate for where you are going and what you are doing. Tip for making your lipstick last longer. Apply your lipstick to your lips then blot by putting a piece of toilet paper between your lips and pressing them together. Wait for a moment and the reapply your lipstick.

These are just my views and what is working for me now. The web has an endless resource of information on makeup, clothes, shoes, wigs and anything else you want to know. Please use it as I have found so much help on line. If you do come across information about this that is helpful please let me know. I am always trying to better Susan and the way she looks.

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