How I created my cleavage 

All Woman (including T-girls) want cleavage and beautiful breasts. Genetic woman have a big advantage over T-girls as far as enhancing their breast and cleavage. But I have found a way to help myself create a realistic cleavage and breast look.


The other night when I was out to dinner the waitress and I were talking and she asked me how I got such a nice looking bust line. I was incredibly flattered that she had noticed my cleavage. It made me feel beautiful and just like a woman. A good bust line and some cleavage can do that for a T-girl. I told her how I did it and thought I would share it with you. 

There are many ways to create cleavage and I have tried some. The most common way to create cleavage is using tape. This works really well but at the end of the night it would pull my skin off and I would have marks and some time sores that were left so I decided to find another way. This is an easy way I have found to create cleavage for me  and the cost is around $10.00 plus your bra 

There are only four things you need to create a realistic cleavage and about 30 minutes to put it all together. For my breasts I use a pair of knee high stockings ($2.00-$3.00) some rice (32-oz bag $1.39) to fill them to an appropriate size. remember not to make them to big sense you will also have some of your own flesh pulled up in your bra. A piece of 2 inch elastic ($1.39 per yard) that you can get at most any sowing store such as Jo-Ann. A package of snaps ($1.99 for package)

You will need to attach the snaps so that it wraps around your chest tight. Then also go half way around (in the front) and put snaps at the other end (See pictures). Next make sure you shave. Attach the elastic around your chest just above your nipples. Then attach the other side so it is doubled in front. Now you will want to pull the front down below your nipples. It should be higher in the back then front this will give y a nice uplift.

 Now you should have a nice amount of flesh above the elastic which looks like two small half breasts and the beginning of your cleavage. Now you will want to put your favorite bra on (bra should fit a little snug to give you a little more lift and to pull your breast in forming the cleavage.

Now a little makeup darker in the cleavage area and a lighter shade on the tops of your breasts place your breast forms (knee highs filled with rice) in bra on out side and pull flesh up over it. That’s all there is to it. You now have a beautiful bust line with a nice cleavage that will look great under your favorite dress or top.

It is the same principal as taping but doesn’t leave the marks on your chest afterwards. I have found it works great for me and I love the way my dresses fit and the look of my breasts with that beautiful cleavage. 


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