Chicago State University



Currently I am a PhD student in the David H. Wise lab at the University of Illinois of Chicago in the Biological Sciences Department.  I am studying ant communities in Chicagoland prairies across a gradient of remnants and restorations that range from 0-51 years old.  I am interested in determining if restoration age, proximity to remnant prairies, soils and vegetation influence ant community composition.  Many prairie managers are interested in the potential to use ant species as one measure to determine restoration success.

I am also a full time instructor in the Chicago State University Biological Sciences Department where I teach biology for non-science majors. This project enables me to work with undergraduate from both institutions.  Students work on sorting and identifying ant species, as well as on vegetation data and soil samples.  If you are interested in volunteering as part of this project, please contact me at with a brief statement of your research interests and why you would like to volunteer on this project. 

You can find more information on this study at the following website:  Ants In The Prairie

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