Imaging for Animation 

2 Sheet Animation Pitch - The Great Zarelli - Character Design and Environment Design by Lisa DuBois, 
Course: Imaging for Game, Animation and Film, Junior Level 

Character Design for a Children's Book by Evie Stormzand 
Course: Digital Imaging II, Sophomore Level

 Imaging for Interactive Media

Finding Happiness - Interactive Comic about the Bullying story of Olympic Champion Greg Louganis 
by: Jessica Newton, Symphony Milner, Josh Miller, Melissa Cordes

Students brought awareness to the issue of bullying through the creation of three animated graphic novels. They told Greg Louganis' bullying story from his childhood and contrasted it with his Olympic Career.

The students were mentored by professional Comic artists, Comfort Love and Adam Withers, creators of “The Uniques” and “Rainbow in the Dark” who also happen to be Kendall Alums.

Course: Concept and Production Design, Junior Level

   Survive Global Climate Change 
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Survive Global Climate Change utilizes character-driven storytelling to outline a wide range of human impacts on the environment through global climate change. Each story depicts a middle school student, in the year 2063, facing a survival situation caused by global climate change; including pollution, rising sea waters, and an ice age. The question is...How do we survive, and what can we do now to prevent this from becoming a reality?

Kendall College of Art and Design of Ferris State University partnered with Kenowa Hills Public Middle Schoolers and science teachers to create this media as part of the EPIC project. The science content and assessment were developed, researched and verified by Kenowa Hills Public School students and teachers. The animated stories and graphic user interface were created by KCAD Digital Media students. The Development (coding) was powered by the the KCAD Framework created by Digital Concierge.

Course: Concept and Production Design, Junior Level 
Credits: See in App
Below - A Video Intro for the App Store
Moose Finder - A Mobile Game concept to help raise funds for a Children's Cancer Camp 
Group project by Freddy Santiago, 
Dustin McCloy, Rayna Brewster. 
Included Character Asset and Environment Design, Video Production and Game Design.
Course: Concept and Production Design

Space Academy- A Math Learning Game for 2nd -3rd grade - In Collaboration with School Zone Publishing - Lisa Dubois - Character Design, Graphic User Interface, and User Testing of App for age level effectiveness, engagement and usability.
Course: Concept and Production Design

 Concept and Production Art for Animation and Games 

Kaiju Beat -a Mobile Game for Entertainment 
Created by a group of 9 Juniors in the Concept and Production Design Course.
Student Outcomes included Character Development, Environment Development, Pitching to a client UnderBite Games, Special Effects, Marketing Art, Pitch Animation, Asset Animation for Game Prototype

Smash, kick, and destroy all the buildings in each district before your enemies can defeat you! But make sure you attack to the beat. Hit enemies consecutively without getting hit yourself to build your power meter and increase your hit streak.
The environment is your enemy! Buildings have been modified to fight back against the Kaiju rage. Trees have bombs, the prison has guns, the hillbilly trailers have lighting. And that's just the Outskirts!
Navigate your way through these obstacles, causing as much destruction as possible in order to reign supreme as King of the Kaiju!

Below: Kaiju Beat Marketing Art by Erin Eavy, Characters by Darian Papinau, Kelli Kireta, Kyle Smith
Course: Concept and Production Design
Humongous Fungus -by Kyle Smith - Character Development - Attack Poses for Game Actions

Above: Art Direction by Susan Bonner on Character Design
Below: Animated Ad for the Game

2 Sheet Mobile Game Pitch - Saving Ollie - Educational Game about Saving Bees from harmful pesticides
Character Design, Environment Design, Graphic User Interface and Marketing Art by Krista Hill 
Course: Imaging for Game, Animation and Film, Junior Level
Mobile Game Pitch - Catopia Crusade 
Character Design, Environment Design and Graphic User Interface by Sarah Pionke 
Course: Digital Imaging II, Senior Level Graphic Design Student taking Junior Level Digital Media Course

Game Character Design - Ghosts and Goblins Rehash 
Character Design by Meghan Kimball 
Course: Imaging for Game, Animation and Film, Junior Level

Environment Design for Animation 
Character Design and Environment Design  by Alyn Tran 
Course: Thesis - Senior Level

Prop Design for Film by Alyn Tran 
Course: Imaging for Game, Animation and Film - Junior Level

Environment Game Navigational Sketch by Colin Chan
Course: Imaging for Game, Animation and Film - Junior Level

 Imaging for Editorial Illustration 
Left: Editorial Portrait by Chase Goff
Course: Digital Imaging I - Sophomore Level
Right: Character Art for Magic the Gathering Token - Card for TCG Player by Nolan Nasser
Course: Thesis - Senior Level
Wildlife Art b
Megan Messina
Course: Illustration IV - Junior Level

 Imaging for Retail Illustration 

The Bandits of Creation - West Michigan's most Subliminal Stickers bFredy Santiago
Course: Digital Imaging  II - Junior Level

 Imaging for Retail Illustration 
Dulcet Doll - A Doll Product Concept including Marketing Concept, fashion accessories, in store design and website.
Group project by Alyn Tran, Ashlee Varekois, Shelby Newman and Lindsay Mathers 
Course: Concept and Production Design- with Mentor Artist Brittany Zeller Holland of Two if by Sea Studios


Med Mile Mini - A Vinyl Printed Mini Cooper Designed in Illustrator and animated in flash using Augmented Reality Animation where the user can hold a mobile device up to the vehicle hotspots and find hidden animations that help to tell the story of the Grand Rapids Medical Mile. Design, Animation and Marketing Art by Tyler Wayner - Car and Printing Supplied by MINI of Grand Rapids and Displayed at ArtPrize 2012.
Course: Digital Imaging II - Sophomore Level
KCAD blog - Article about the project
MedMileMiniSite - Site Design by Tyler Wayner
MiniArtCarSite - The contest site with other student outcomes

 Imaging for Motion Graphics
End Game - bAlyn Tran, Compositing and Digital Painting in Photoshop, Animation in After Effects
Course: Digital Imaging II - Junior Level