Cover Letter


I am committed to the Digital Media Program and have passion for ideas that we have helped nurture together as a team. Ideas like EPIC - Engaging Productions Inspiring Classrooms where we have collaborated with Middle School students to create engaging science curriculum like Survive Global Climate Change. 

I am proud of the Digital Media curriculum that I helped to develop at KCAD. Classes such as Imaging for Game, Animation and Film and Concept and Production Design have helped to train young artists and designers to understand the industry standards and connect with professionals who frequent the classroom. While I have been involved the program created a cintiq lab and developed a sketch initiative which includes a sketch site

My skill set is diverse and includes imaging for game, animation and motion graphics. My own work varies from sci- fi realism to iconic children's art, to retail art. I use this diversity in my work to teach our diverse set of students who are both designers, artists and illustrators. I come from a drawing and painting background and have found ways to bring that experience such as anatomy understanding and gesture into the digital workflow. I look forward to adding to the 12 years that I have been committed to KCAD to continue as a tenure track faculty.

Susan Bonner