This page contains information and links to recent writing, research projects, reports and book reviews. My research profile,teaching and publications can be found here

Recent writing:

Here is a summary and review of David Graeber's book
"Debt: The first 5000 years" (19/04/12)

Blog posts: CGAP's technology blog (19/04/12); Centre for Financial Inclusion blog (20/4/12).

Research on financial inclusion:

"The search for inclusion in Kenya's financial landscape: the rift revealed" in collaboration with Graham K. Brown and Cyril Fouillet for the Financial Sector Deepening TrustSummary report. Full report. Annex 1 - Supply side. Annex 2 - Demand sideAnnex 3 - Maps and visual representations.

Financial exclusion in Kenya: examining the changing picture 2006-9 (report to FSD) in collaboration with Steven Arnold or the academic paper based on this work:
Inclusive financial markets: is transformation underway in Kenya?

Spatial dimensions of the financial sector in Kenya 2006-9 in collaboration with Cyril Fouillet.

FSD Kenya Impact Assessment in collaboration with Oxford Policy Management. January 2010

The role of informal groups in the financial market: evidence from Kenya with Markku Malkamaki, and Max Nino-Zarazua 2010

Microinsurance that works for Women:  Making microinsurance programs gender sensitive by Anjali Banthia, Susan Johnson, Michael J McCord, Brandon Matthews, ILO 2009.  Full paperBriefing paper.  Now published in the  Microinsurance compendium 
Protecting the poor: A microinsurance compendium - Volume II

Markets, market development and wellbeing:

Sustainable livelihoods and pro-poor market development. What can they learn from each other?  Sustainable livelihoods highlights based on a Seminar held at the University of Bath in July 2009

Institutions, markets and economic development in Development and Freedom:
An Introduction to the Theory and Practice of Human Development edited by Severine Deneulin. Forthcoming 2009

The role of markets in the construction of wellbeing: a Polanyian perspective. Wellbeing in Developing Countries Working Paper No. 42, January 2008.

Polanyi and the instituted processes of markets: introducing a wellbeing perspective. Wellbeing in Development Countries Working Paper No 09/51 September 2009