Susan J. Méndez


Melbourne Institute:

Applied Economic & Social Research

Woiworung Country

Level 5 - FBE Building - Office 552

111 Barry Street, The University of Melbourne, Victoria 3010


E-mail: susan.mendez[at]

Phone: +61 3 9035 6536


I am an economist (Ph.D. University of Zurich) with a special interest in competition policy and the organisation and regulation of healthcare markets. Currently, I am a Senior Research Fellow in the Health Economics Research Program at the Melbourne Institute at the University of Melbourne.

As a researcher, I explore how institutional design influences the behaviour and interactions of doctors, patients, and funding agencies in healthcare markets. The topics of my research revolve around pharmaceutical markets, the public-private financing mix, price transparency, and the impact of competition on fee variation and out-of-pocket costs.

With my research, I am committed to fostering informed discussions on public policy. I actively engage with government, private industry, and community groups and provide research services to institutions like the World Bank, the Australian Department of Health, and the Victorian Department of Education.

I serve as co-editor at the Australian Economic Review (AERE) and coordinator of the University of Melbourne Health Economics Group (UMHEG). I am also a member of the NHMRC Partnership Centre for Health System Sustainability (PCHSS) and a Research Fellow of the past Centre for Research Excellence in Medical Workforce Dynamics (MABEL).

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