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6 September 1954 - 16 August 2007


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Philosophy at Bristol

Susan Lynn Hurley, Professor of Philosophy at the University of Bristol, died on 16 August 2007.

Susan was a remarkable philosopher, able to work with insight and imagination in what would seem to many to be disparate branches of philosophy. She was as much at home in the technical details of the philosophy of neuroscience as she was in the arguments of political philosophy, and was able to combine her deep understanding of both in a manner that characterized a truly original mind.

The Minds, Brains, and Beyond conference acknowledges Susan's contribution to philosophy of psychology, mind, and neuroscience. Download the conference poster here (PDF 1MB).


Susan Hurley's website with links to her work

'The shared circuits model'  Published posthumously in BBS (Feb 2008)

Consciousness in Interaction Susan Hurley's 'CONTACT' research project, ongoing



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