My work is about living in a question. The question for me is how to bridge the gap I experience between living in a physical body of the natural world, with an intellect, "self-consciousness" and learned socialization, carrying with it many distorted messages about the physical body.

The natural world is my teacher in this struggle. It reminds me who I am. At my most simplistic, I am part of Its wholeness. Indeed, it is a relief to me to know that when I die, my body will return to the sweet warm earth and that She will receive it as Her own. But while living in this physical body, the separation and the oneness must be felt simultaneously through experience. The question for me is asking to be lived with honesty, some wonder and awe.

My work is almost exclusively of the figure. I work in a variety of materials. Wood, either found in nature or weathered and discarded, and wire are especially expressive to me in "finding" the figure I want to see.

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