Evangelina Green Maddox thought the remodeling of her childhood summer home could have gone a lot more smoothly.

Construction problems, rain delays, werewolves, vampires... yeah, just a few things had gone wrong. Her two other 'summer sisters' arriving early, just added to the chaos.

One was gravely ill, with a mysterious blood disorder, and the other now had her own problems. No spoilers!

They each had their own talents. Lina spoke with ghosts and had an affinity with animals. That power had now doubled. She could now communicate with the animals and feel their emotions.

The romance with Keaton Wolfe, however, was the biggest change. Why her? She thought herself plain and ordinary. He saw her as she really was. Sexy and very desirable. Her virginal thoughts and fears had her unprepared for the fire he stoked in her. She was drawn inexplicably to him. She didn't know the attraction she felt for him was fated. She was his mate.

Would she blow it or let him into her bed and into her heart? Could she learn to be an Alpha mate? Did she have the courage or experience to handle the heat Keaton wanted to share with her?

With a black witch under a Master demon's command, trying to kill them at every turn, vampires arriving at dusk and now wolves circling the property, what else could go wrong?!

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Book #2 - Tatianna Yellow
Tashi blew it when she broke the spell hiding her and the other sisters. She was chained in a cave-like cell with her vampire lover, Victor. He was unable to help them, due to the silver chains binding him. That didn't stop them from loving each other in every way they could. They were sensual beings and their feelings for each other couldn't be denied.

The black witch and her demon Master had other ideas for what to do with them. Draining Victor of his healing blood was just one plan. If they could get Tashi to exhibit her powers, they could drain her also, somehow.

Meanwhile, her sisters, while constantly searching for their lost loved-one, continued to try living their own lives. However, they too had lethal adversaries to deal with and to defeat.
Love blooms. 
Trouble brews. 
Love is lost.
Life renews.
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