The Birth Journey  - Holistic Childbirth Preparation Series


Overview of 9 week class

This course is for home, birth center, and hospital birth couples who want to be conscious and fully involved, while honoring birth as a sacred rite of passage.  This body, mind, spirit, experience is designed to prepare you for the birth of your child by helping you: to understand the nature of labor, gather the knowledge you will need, release your fears, know what your choices are, learn to be a great birth team, and trust your own body’s wisdom.

One of the greatest challenges in birth is that you must both hold to your intentions and at the same time let go to the Great Mystery.  Giving birth to your child is your initiation into parenthood.  This being one of the most transformational and challenging experiences in your life, it is very important to prepare for it.

My goal is to help couples understand that the experience of labor and birth encompasses all realms; physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.  I am deeply dedicated to helping parents prepare for a conscious, fully involved and positive birth experience.  I will offer you information and tools for making informed choices all along the way.  Community building is a cornerstone of these classes as birthing partners come together in a safe, friendly, and sharing atmosphere with others in the same place on the birth journey path.  Very often long-term friendships form in these classes.

This class is about knowing your choices, feeling confident in your knowledge, trusting your body, trusting the birth process and honoring your journey.

* For information about the benefits of a 9 week holistic approach to childbirth preparation, please listen to this interview of Susan Bradford by Mary Goyer M.S. 

* To read an article written by Susan Bradford called Birth:The Original Vision Quest  published in Common Ground magazine please go to :                                                                    www. -November 2015 -  pages 12-13

The Journey Begins

Some of the information covered:

        Anatomy of a pregnant woman’s body

      Stages of labor

      Breath work and relaxation

      Positions that help

      Recognizing and releasing fear

      Labor support and comfort measures

      Risks and benefits of medical interventions

      Ways to honor the sacred aspects of birth

      Newborn decisions after birth

      The post-partum period

Tools for Learning:

        Pain coping techniques


      Experiential hands-on exercises

      Birth art

      Guided visualizations

      Birth films