Susan Bradford has been involved in the childbirth profession since 1974 when she received her LVN license.  She subsequently worked at Boston Lying-In Hospital in the Postpartum Unit, and in the Newborn Nursery. 

 In 1977, Susan began midwifery training at the Holistic Childbirth Institute in San Francisco, while working as a Maternal and Infant Bonding Recovery Room Nurse at Kaiser in San Francisco. After raising her daughter to an older age, she then continued her midwifery studies and training with Elizabeth Davis and apprenticing with Maria Iorillo, LM, CPM and Christina de Eno in Jamaica. 

 Susan has been teaching childbirth education in Marin Co since 1990. She  joined Birth Doulas of Marin (formerly Labor Support Services) in 1994, and worked as a doula for 20 years. Susan also offers her services as a Birth Ceremonialist for Blessing Ways and Welcoming Ceremonies. Her Waxing Moon Mamas women's pregnancy circle is held in the way of  traditional women's circles.

 Susan is a Certified Hypnotherapist specializing in childbirth related issues. She also offers Birth Art sessions,  Belly Casting, private consultations, private one-on-one and refresher classes.

She continues her studies as she feels there is always more to learn.