Sue Basko, Lawyer for Music and Film

 Sue Basko is an attorney working with creative people   

in the fields of

Music, Songwriting,

Rock Bands,

Upstart record labels,

Film, Video,


Writing, Design

Concerts and Festivals,  

Clothing Design

and Other Creative Endeavors.  


Contracts analyzed, negotiated and written

 Trademark, Service Mark

Representation of Musical Artists 


Song rights  

Strategy, Information 

Films and Scripts viewed for potential legal issues

Issues regarding "adult" photos, lyrics, websites

& other issues in the creative fields.   

 A lawyer for today:

Working mostly by internet and phone

just get to the basics - solid legal and practical knowledge and help 

To Contact, please email:  

In the email, give your name, location, contact info, 

and explain your creative endeavor

and what you think your legal needs are now. 

Phone calls without email first may not be returned.  

Email is our receptionist.