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For Child and Adolescent Patients

For Kids and Teens

Dr. Abbott is a medical doctor who treats kids for problems with feelings and behaviors. She also helps children and teenagers with trouble learning and focusing. When you visit her office, the appointment will consist only of talking with the doctor and your parent, so it will not be like a regular doctor's appointment.

After she learns about you from you and your parent, Dr Abbott will be able to identify the problem, like a detective solving a puzzle. She will then give you and your parent advice on what can be done about it. She will make a recommendation to you, telling you what will work best for your problem and help you decide what to do. Dr. Abbott will suggest a treatment plan. She may prescribe medicine for your problem, along with talking therapy.

Everything you talk about with Dr. Abbott will be confidential. This means that the doctor will not tell anyone else what you said without asking you if it is OK to do so. The only time she will tell anyone else is if you or someone else will be in danger. This is the law, so that you can feel safe that what you say is private.