Teaching Materials for "What's your E-Reputation? Managing your online presence"
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This was originally designed as a one hour, hands-on session on the theme of employability advertised as follows: 

"A recent US survey showed that nearly 90% of employers either use, or plan to use, social media for recruiting.
This session will explain why your online social activity is important and how to monitor your ‘digital footprint’ to maximize your job prospects. As well as discussing what can go wrong, we will recommend tools and techniques to take control of your online presence. We will also cover using social media safely and effectively in the workplace."

We have modified the original materials now - Facebook changed their privacy features so there is an important change to the quick checks on what you are revealing. I am now linking to the files on Google Docs and Slideshare:

Worksheet: (Word document) 

The original presentation used clickers throughout for feedback and interaction but I removed these before sharing online.

The materials for our teaching session "What's your E-Reputation? Managing your online presence" are shared under Creative Commons licence
CC licence

So in a nutshell: non-commercial use only - free to adapt as you wish - include attribution to us "Swansea University Library" (and please let us know - we'd be delighted!)