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Caught in the web

These are links/articles/stuff that I clicked/read/impressed me in the internet ;-)

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Caught in the web - Old fishes @<-{{{[]}}--<<<Date Remark
Caught in the web - Old fishes @<-{{{[]}}--<<<Date Remark
Procedural Noise using Sparse Gabor Convolution January 29, 2010 Nice SIGGRAPH paper 
Topological analysis of population activity in visual cortex February 3, 2010 Nice paper - uses topology for computations 
The Eight Irresistible Principles of Fun February 10, 2010 Cute motivation 
Did you know?! March 1, 2010 Information explosion! 
60 frames per second vs. 30 frames per second? January 12, 2010 Overview about number of frames 
About Google Translate April 12, 2010 The power of Google translate! Think of things you can do with cloud computing...I use this now more than ever. 
The Mathematics Genealogy Project May 28, 2010 Check out the maths genealogy 
Creating Photo-realistic Images and Animations June 27, 2010 Ray tracers for mathematical exposition and exploration 
Plus magazine July 14, 2010 'Maths and its ubiquitous uses' for dummies 
Geometric Photo Manipulation October 17, 2010 A cool way to manipulate digital images! 
Origmai + EE = Shape-shifting robots September 25, 2010 Origami is not just an Art, its Science :-) 
Let's Enhance! November 27, 2010 Image processing...Hollywood style!! :P :P if only computer vision is tht easy ;) :D 
Stay hungry! Stay foolish!! August 5, 2010 Steve Jobs speech at Stanford (a bit old, but its classic) 
All about CS (Compressed Sensing) December 27, 2010 Compressed Sensing, the Red-HOT topic now! 
Be water, my friend! March 10, 2011 The Legend. 
Evolution Lectures January 1, 2012 Lecture series@HHMI 
Persistent Homology? February 14, 2012 AMS Notices article about computational geometry 
Wide-angle point spread function (PSF) of the Human eye (JOV article) May 18, 2012 a nice optical method computation 
Showing 18 items