A short note on my name

My full name is: Surya Prasath Vellai Badradoss india

Surya Prasath - my name (in Tamil: சூரிய பிரசாத்)
Vellai - my village name (actually my father's!)
Badradoss - my father name

I prefer to be just called Surya - சூர்யா (pronounced soo-r-ya)! :-)

In India I used V. B. Surya Prasath (or Surya Prasath V. B. depending on where you prefer your initials) and in Europe (Portugal)/USA I use the full name as in my passport/Visa. Thus, for all purposes my given name is SURYA PRASATH and surname/family name is VELLAI BADRADOSS.

In my publications all sorts of combinations happened: V. B. Surya Prasath, V. B. S. Prasath, V Prasath (in IEEE publications), VB Prasath, Prasath, VBS, and S. Prasath.

If you are still not confused enough(!) kindly refer to the following references: :-P

[1] Indian name (Wikipedia article)   
[2] Family name (Wikipedia article)

My mother-tongue is Tamil and it is one of the ancient languages in the world. In tamil my name Surya (சூர்யா) means the Sun see: http://www.first-names-meanings.com/names/name-SURYA.html

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