Freedom Outpost

The Freedom Outpost Alliance on Palringo is an great community with over 150 members and is quickly gaining new members.


Who we are: We are the Freedom Outpost Alliance, based in a chatroom on the Palringo application for iOS, Android, Mac, and Windows. We originally were part of the SurvivorZ Chatroom, but left it because we were unhappy with the staff and how they ran their chatroom, as well as their alliance, the "Palringo Alliance". We set up the Freedom Outpost, giving our members equal power and freedom of speech. We quickly wiped out the PA (Palringo Alliance) in all city passes, and have kept the PA out since then. The alliance is open to all.

Who has joined: Many SurvivorZ Veterans are in the chatroom, who can assist members with anything they need, such as a walkthrough for an encounter. In addition to the older veterans, we have plenty of newer players who we help get up to speed, and become important figures in the alliance.

What we do: The chatroom opens up alot of possibilities thanks to the ability to talk to each other rapidly. We follow news on SurivorZ carefully, and if a new announcement is posted then someone will quickly see it and post it in the chatroom, and usually a large discussion on it starts up. We also find tons of new crafting recipes, come up with cool ideas for SurvivorZ which we send emails about to Mongadillo, and explore new encounters helping each other get through the encounter. The Freedom Outpost alliance also coordinates attacks on enemies and protects each-others strongholds.

Why you should join: The chatroom is a really useful recourse, and I use it all the time. We can help walk you through encounters that you have difficulty on, help you find a specific encounter, help you out with crafting stuff, and over all alot of us have been playing for a long time so we can help you out with almost anything. We are also usually around the corner on new stuff in SurvivorZ and other mongadillo products, so we can keep you well informed of new stuff. Our alliance can also help protect your strongholds and take out people attacking you. Everyone gets an equal say in what happens. There's a reason we control the City Passes, and the Palringo Alliance does not.

How can I join?: Palringo can be run on iOS, Android, Mac, and Windows, and is free to download, which you can do at this link:  You can join the chatroom at this one: