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Survivor (U.K)
The Real Gilligan's Island
Survivor (U.S. Series)
This Series Started Filming on Monday 3/13/2000 S1.
This Series Started on CBS on Wednesday 5/31/2000 S1.
Host By: Jeff Probst M
A Website made by me George Paul Boisvert RI M.
This is my Survivor Fan Site.
TV Ratings with Content(s) Censored : Rated TV-PG or TV-14
This is really for all of the Survivor fans who really like Survivor.
This is A Website that's for my Survivor Fans Only.
... and plus I am totally a Fan of Survivor.
These are the Survivor Winners that won the US$1,000,000.
Check it Out!
Watch Out! Yau-Man Chan from S14 is born in Hong Kong & then Raised in Malaysia.
Survivor (UK) Winners.
These are the Survivor Winners that won the UK£1,000,000.
Check it Out!
Survivor Episodes Shown on my Birthday.
1. S10 Ep. 13 on 5/12/2005 (On my 17th Birthday)
2. S26 Final Shows on 5/12/2013 (On my 25th Birthday)
Disclaimer Notes:
CBS owns the right to Survivor.
Survivor is Copyrighted by CBS and Only CBS can be Copyrighted with the Survivor (US TV Series).
ITV1 owns the right to Survivor (U.K).
Survivor is Copyrighted by ITV1 and Only ITV1 can be Copyrighted with the Survivor ((U.K.) TV Series).

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...and I don't own Copyright © so those images can't be on here.  If they are on here they can't.  Besides if I did own it I would have to make something 1st.
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