Survival MD Review - Scam Or Legit ???

Survival MD Review- Real new Survival MD Review 2018
This is one of the newest “prepper informational type products” that I’ve been seeing advertised all over prepper blogs and websites, but as we all know just because a product is being promoted heavily doesn’t mean that it’s any good.

What exactly is Survival MD. you ask, well it’s a downloadable eBook (I also ordered a physical paper copy as I do with any of these products when it’s an available option) with 206 pages of information about medical preparedness.

Medical preparedness is one area where many otherwise great survival plans fall short, with most people thinking it’s too complicated or time-consuming so they, concentration their efforts on more the more “exciting” aspects of prepping like firearms, bug out bags, and outdoor survival skills.

This is a mistake because without your health and that of your family and team you’re pretty much doomed to failure before you start. Maintaining good health and knowing what to do in a health emergency, should be one of your top priorities as a real dedicated prepper… you are a real prepper aren’t you?

I suggest that at least one member of your family or team take and complete an EMT course, but it’s even better if the whole family or team can do this. There is nothing like hands-on learning, of skills, especially medical and emergency treatment.

But it’s amazing what you can learn from reading and independent study and that’s where programs like Survival MD. come into play. Also don’t overlooks books like “Where There is No Doctor, Where There is No Dentist, and The Survival Medicine Handbook.

So what’s included in Survival MD.? Chapters include – 1. Why Prevention and Practice Make Sense, 2. Specific Disease Preparedness, 3. Dental Preparedness, 4. Preparedness for Women: Sanitation and Hygiene, 5. List of Medications to Stockpile, 6. Buying Medical Response Kits, 7. Alternative Medicine, 8. Preparing for First Aid, 9. Emergency Sanitation, 10. What To Do When There Is No Doctor Around, 11. Medical Emergency Protocol, 12. Understanding CPR, 13. Common Illnesses in a Crisis, 14. Non-traumatic Illnesses, 15. Infectious Diseases, 16. Climate Specific Diseases, 17. How to Survive Without Prescription, 18. Prepper’s Medical Reading List…

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