Welcome to the UNC Charlotte ADVANCE Faculty Affairs and Diversity Office Survival Guide for New Faculty! 

When navigating your first year (or two) at an institution, it is always helpful to connect with other faculty who are facing the same experiences, and also more seasoned faculty who can provide advice or information to ease the transition. 

The mission of this Wiki is to help make your transition as smooth as possible. 

We hope that you will use this site to post information that you have found helpful as you navigate the waters of this institution - think of it as your personal flotation device...... 

This is our first foray into the World of Wiki so please contact us with any comments or suggestions you feel will improve the site.

Our hope is that it will evolve to become an invaluable resource for not just new, but all faculty.


UNC Charlotte ADVANCE Faculty Affairs and Diversity Office

FYI: Be aware that to get to the article portion of some of the downloads, you will need to scroll down quite the distance. This is largely because of my ineptitude in formatting Wikis.
Any suggestions to rectify this annoying hiccup would be most welcome.