Usability Survey for RPG Gamers

Principal Investigator(s):      Peter Simon, BS

                                                Adams Greenwood-Ericksen, PhD


Investigational Site(s):          Full Sail University, Game Studies Department


Introduction:  Researchers at Full Sail University are doing a research study investigating the nature and opinions of both video gamers and game industry professionals regarding the use and effectiveness of usability procedures and methods in the game industry. To do this we need the help of people who agree to take part in a research study.  You are being invited to take part in a research study that could include up to 10000 people from all over the world. You must be 18 years of age or older to be included in the research study.  


The team doing this research includes Adams Greenwood-Ericksen, PhD, Gerard Merritt, MBA, and Peter Simon, BS.



What you should know about a research study:

·       All your responses are anonymous, and no one can link you personally to them.

·       You will complete the study online.

·       This document is intended to explain your role in this study.

·       A research study is something you volunteer for.

·       Whether or not you take part is up to you.

·       You should take part in this study only because you want to. 

·       You can choose not to take part in the research study.

·       You can agree to take part now and later change your mind.

·       Whatever you decide it will not be held against you.

·       You may contact the Principal Investigator by emailing (at) and may ask all the questions you want before you decide.

·       Your data will be password protected.

·       Your data cannot be linked back to you before or after the data are published.


Purpose of the research study:  The purpose of this study is to better understand the use and effectiveness of usability procedures and methods in the game industry.



What you will be asked to do in the study: 

·       You will be asked to complete a questionnaire via Survey Monkey, an electronic data collection website.

·       All responses are anonymous, but your input is critical to understanding the nature of the makeup of the industry. Therefore it is important that you respond to the items honestly. You need not respond to every item and you may withdraw from participation at any time.


Risks: This study involves less than minimal risk, as you will be asked to provide personal information about yourself and your opinions. You will not be asked to provide any information that could be used to identify you, such as your name, address, or birth date. The survey material could evoke some emotional response as it relates to your life and your work.


Benefits: There are no expected benefits, monetary or otherwise, to participation in this study.  However, the results of the study may benefit the industry as a whole in understanding its demographic makeup and collective opinions.


Location:  Completion of the questionnaires will be done at a computer with Internet access.


Time required:  We expect that you will be in this research study for approximately 5 minutes.


Compensation or payment: 

Participation in this study is strictly voluntary and there is no compensation or other payment to you for taking part.


Confidentiality:  All data collected will be anonymous, so neither we nor anyone else will be able to link your responses to you personally. Organizations that may inspect and copy the individual information we do collect include the IRB and other representatives of Full Sail University.  There is no identifiable information being collected and there is not any risk of responses being linked to subject personally.


Study contact for questions about the study or to report a problem: If you have questions, concerns, or complaints, or think the research has hurt you, talk to Dr. Adams Greenwood-Ericksen, Course Director and Primary Investigator at 407.679.0100 x 8912 or (at)


IRB contact about your rights in the study or to report a complaint:    Research at Full Sail University is overseen by an Institutional Review Board at IRB Company, Inc. an independent company that conducts human subjects reviews for medical and scientific research. IRB Company, Inc. is registered with OHRP (Office for Human Research Protections) and their registration number is IORG0005140. IRBCo is also fully accredited by AAHRPP (Association for the Accreditation of Human Research Protection Programs, Inc.). This research has been reviewed and approved by the IRB at IRB Company, Inc. For information about the rights of people who take part in research, please contact:


IRB Company, Inc.
Phone: 1-877-680-4138

You may also talk to them for any of the following:


  • Your questions, concerns, or complaints are not being answered by the research team.
  • You cannot reach the research team.
  • You want to talk to someone besides the research team.
  • You want to get information or provide input about this research.