The Survey of Organizational Research Climate (© 2006, 2012, Carol R. Thrush, Brian C. Martinson, Lauren Crain, James Wells-All rights reserved) is the first full-scale survey designed to assess the organizational climate for responsible research practices both in one’s general organizational setting and in one’s specific affiliated working group or division. The SOuRCe is a brief survey, consisting of 32 multiple choice items, administered anonymously online or via paper to research-engaged organizational members.  The SOuRCe yields a snapshot of seven dimensions of local research climate to inform, motivate, and help to evaluate efforts to improve those climates and to promote responsible research. 

The Survey of Organizational Research Climate (SOuRCe) can be used as an efficient tool:

  • for institutional self-assessment to ensure local organizational climates are conducive to ethical, professional, and sound research practices, and
  • to raise awareness among respondents about responsible research practices.

The SOuRCe provides results which would allow one to:

  • judge the impact of initiatives to sustain or improve the organizational environment for research integrity, and
  • monitor the organizational climate for research integrity over time.

For a brief summary about the history of the SOuRCe, and current/planned activities, click here.

Two possible options to consider, if you want to administer the SOuRCe:

1. The SOuRCe is Available Online Through Hosted Solutions - In collaboration with leaders at The National Center for Professional and Research Ethics (NCPRE) at Illinois, Drs. Thrush, Martinson and Wells have created a cooperative group which provides an online platform hosting the SOuRCe. Infrastructure allows an institution to contract with NCPRE to manage the semi-automated survey fielding, process the initial data cleaning and summarization of scale means, and generation of survey reports. This platform provides a way for institutions to use the tool that we believe is more cost-effective and convenient than attempting to conduct the survey on your own.  Visit the NCPRE website at this link for further information: https://nationalethicscenter.org/sorc 
2. The SOuRCe is Also Available for Non-Commercial, Research, and Quality Improvement Purposes - There is no fee to use the survey for such purposes, however, all use of the SOuRCe, whether for academic or non-commercial purposes, must be conducted under a license granted by Carol R. Thrush - ©2006, ©2012, Carol R. Thrush, Brian C. Martinson, Lauren Crain, James Wells - All rights reserved.

Feel free to contact Dr. Carol Thrush thrushcarolr@uams.edu for additional information.  

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