Stay At Home Dads in Surprise AZ


Hello, my name is Jason McConnell and I'm a stay at home Dad in the Surprise Arizona area.  

Have you ever been in that situation where you've planned a fun filled afternoon at the park with your special little one (or ones) and when you get there you are greeted with a gaggle of mother hens?  Ever felt SERIOUSLY out of place??  I know I have, and while it's not terrible I did find that I really couldn't relate to any of the mom's ... and some of them treated me as if I had two heads.

My goal is to get together with other Dad's who are stay at home dad's, or even who work part time, and socialize.  We all have something in common ... we are men in a household where the roles have switched.

So ... when you get a chance, Join the Online Group I set up where we can share ideas and schedule meetups and keep in contact.

So whaddya say Dad!  Let's start our own Dudes Group!

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