"I Want to Join You"

I am often asked on forums "how can I join in and help?"  Currently I have several different ways.

If you are a surgeon download Questionnaire for Surgeons.  Complete the form.  Click on the picture holder, replace it with a portrait picture of you.  Send the form to me at drbrender@roadrunner.com.  Also include a current c.v.  If you are not a surgeon but are interested in helping on a mission contact me directly.

For surgeons:

Missions Missions consist of obtaining surgical supplies, surgical instruments, dressings, suture, mesh, medications, etc. which I arrange, bringing them into country in an extra packed suitcase, and donating them to appropriate hospitals and medical facilities.  We also teach at the medical schools, do presentations to various medical and surgical societies, do public service announcements, see patients, and do cases.  The mission includes visits to Siem Reap, Battambang, Preah Vihear, Sihanoukville. & Phnom Penh.  Hospitals at each location are visited.  In Siem Reap we will spend a day at Angkor Wat.  The amount of hands on surgery will depend on current case load.  

Supervising Surgeons

Another option is being a supervising surgeon at the Dr. Brender American Surgical Clinic at the Khmer Soviet Friendship Hospital.  Commit to a minimum of 2 weeks and Surgeons for Cambodia will pay round trip coach international airfare, hotel, breakfast, & local transportation.  We will also provide you will a local cellphone for use during your stay.  Your job will be to supervise the junior surgeons running the clinic.  You will also teach surgical subjects of your choice to the junior surgeons & hospital staff.


For non-surgeons

A lot of people have medical curiosity.  Although my missions have been oriented towards surgeons, hospital tours can be an eye-opener.  For the medically curious we can arrange hospital tours, clinic tours, and possibly even observation of actual surgeries performed.  We work with the local Rotary Clubs to provide food, clothing, and essentials to the poor.  We also work hand in hand with local orphanages to provide clothing, books, education, food, & clean water. 

Cambodia is a fascinating country with some incredible sights.  Angkor Wat, is the UNESCO's  #1 World Heritage site.  Phnom Penh has Toul Sleng Prison and the Killing Fields, gruesome to say the least but something that needs to be seen.  The beaches of Sihanoukville on the South China Sea are some of the most beautiful in the world.  In place of hospital touring, shopping excursions can be arranged.  We can create a non-medical alternative program for wives/significant others if the demand is there.

Sokha Beach Resort, Sihanoukville

Interested?  Contact me at drbrender@roadrunner.com