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Surgery Life Enhancement provides penile enlargement surgery and nonsurgical options for girth augmentation. SLE is a leader of training programs designed specifically for men that desire a larger member.  Spanning over twenty years, Surgery Life Enhancement has been featured in the OC Weekly and Playboy Magazines and also illuminated on several medical documentaries including BBC television, Univision Primer Impacto, and a new feature documentary currently being filmed by HBO.

Penile Enlargement Surgeries:
  • Phalloplasty Penile Lengthening
  • Surgical Dermal Grafting for Penile Widening

Non-Surgical Penile Enhancement:

  • PMMA Girth Thickening Injections
  • Vacuum Penile Traction Weight Devices & Extenders
  • Pre-Procedure Penile Pumping Equipment & Routines

Methods of Penile Enlargement Surgery 

Penile Widening Surgery with Dermal Grafts - Involves harvesting dermal and fat tissue from the "love handle" region or dermal graft harvesting can be combined with a tummy tuck procedure.

Utilizing a reverse furlough inserter surgical technique, a single incision is made in the supra-pubic region and the dermal tissue is then inserted between the tunica and penile shaft skin extending to the glans.  The reverse furlough inserter phalloplasty technique has limited complications associated with the complexity of dermal grafting surgeryPrevious methods involved 2 incisions: one located in the suprapubic region and another incision below the glans (head) of the genitalia.  

Penile Lengthening Surgery - Is performed in the erect state, stimulated by Caverject. Vacuum traction is applied to the erect penis.  A single incision is made to access the ligamentolysis, stealthily positioned in the folds of the testicular skin.  These 3 innovations have significantly improved on traditional techniques of surgical penile lengthening. 

The advantage of a cosmetic scar located in the testicle skin region, opposed to a transverse or vertical scar located right above the penis base, is the suspensory access incision and subsequent scar no longer hinders the physical and visual extension of the phallus.  Performing the procedure in the erect state and with added traction provides the ultimate exposure of the suspensory ligament and other obstructive tissues that resist the inner genitalia from full extension. 

Penile Size Gains from Enlargement Surgeries:

Erect penile lengthening gains vary from .5 inches to 2.5 inches in the flaccid and erect state. Dermal Grafting Phalloplasty increases erect penis circumference by up to 2.5 inches of permanent girth. 

PMMA Non-Surgical Penile Girth Augmentation

In 2011, SLE began providing a non-surgical girth procedure with the injectable filler PMMA. Since injectable PMMA's origination for penile augmentation, the non-surgical option has become a very popular alternative to surgical phalloplasty methods for penile widening. Similar to phalloplasty dermal widening results, PMMA is permanent and shapeable, providing a very aesthetic result. The primary advantages of non-surgical PMMA for penile shaft thickening is the application of PMMA does not involve surgical incisions or hours on the operating table.  

Gains from Non-Surgical PMMA Injections:

PMMA non-surgical injectable girth augmentation is applied in volumes of 30cc or 80cc.  Size gains approximate .5 inches to 1.25 inches dependant on current penile dimensions and PMMA volume applied.

Surgery Life Enlargement Surgery - PMMA Injections - Training Programs for Men 

Choosing to have a male enhancement procedure is a very personal choice, however, Surgery Life Enhancement - Penis Enlargement Surgery Clinic has counselors who have all undergone penis enlargement surgery or Surgery Life's non-surgical PMMA girth augmentation procedures.  If surgery or PMMA injections are not options to be considered, SLE Male Enhancement provides detailed information about natural penis enlargement methods and exercises. Surgery Life Enhancement penis enlargement surgery, PMMA nonsurgical girth enlargement injections, and vacuum stretching devices and penile weight systems are available to all men regardless of current penis size.