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This site is dedicated to providing the most up-to-date, comprehensive information about local surf free of charge! It will be constantly changing with new info, links and media! I like to keep this site completely commercial free, meaning no ads, popups, or anything, just the bare facts! Update! Fixed some links and added swellinfo to the list of sites! Check it

Go to for local surf forecasts.

Forecasts and swell prediction:

Go to for your local surf forecasts
  • Local weather report and forecast
  • Surfline: Lincoln report and cam
  • Surfline: Montauk report and cam
  • Nesurf Report and forecast
  • Wunderground, local winds update by the minute!
  • 44025 buoy (12mi off of fire island)
  • 44017 buoy (off of montauk pt)
  • Wavewatch forecast
  • Swellinfo forecasts
  • FNMOC forecasts - lots of good info
  • GOES satellite imagery - every piece of satellite weather info that you could ask for!

    Long Island Cams!

    LI surf pix!

    If anyone has good links to put up or good pix or vids to put on the page let me know! I am looking to expand the content of this site and eventually get my own .com.

    If you have any surf equipment to sell or feedback on the site shoot me an e-mail: . I'll list it up here (link to For Sale page) any surf gear you have to sell (include price, e-mail or phone #)!

    Pray 4 surf!

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