Online safety, Facebook and cyberbullying


Discover the Internet for yourself - your child probably already has......

The Internet has revolutionised our lives and the ways we communicate.

The flow of information into and out of your home on computers, mobile phones, laptops and game consoles is like busy traffic.

But parents don't let children play in busy traffic. We protect them from it and hold their hand until they can cross the road safely themselves. Irish parents - time to keep up with your kids online!

Online Dangers

Your home has locks and bolts, but if your computer or smartphone isn't properly secured and used safely, it offers an open window into your home. Your child can get into serious trouble sitting at your computer screen - right under your nose, as the recent suicides of bullied teenagers shows. So what can parents do? How do we get the best from the internet while keeping our children away from the undesirable parts?