Surfer Bob - "Yup, I shook Sinatra's hand."

2016 Waikiki                                                                                                                                                                                                    2015 Ventura - C Street
SurferBob - Water Safety Volunteer
Mexico July 20162016Acapulco

4K Kabuki Drop Projection on TBS Sports 2017

lead projection engineer in Houston, TX for Super Bowl LI “Champions Lounge” NRG Center.


Producers Guild of America - Take Over of the FOX Studios back lot

ThinkLA "Idea Awards" at Beverly Hilton IBR

Rihanna NCompass Tidal

Rihanna BBHMM NCompass TIDAL Launch - Projection - NIN with David Bowie

NCompass - Activision - Call Of Duty - DIT - Digital Imaging Technician - Independent Feature

NCompass International

NCompass International

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 South Carolina Tsunami

SurferBob 2015 Myrtle Beach Wave of the Day ! LOL                                        South Carolina TSUNAMI

Freelance Technical Consulting & Engineering Production Services

Shogyo Mujo - Adobe MAX Bash Skull with Bart Kresa and Matt Stone and Sean Leo at Delicate Prods 2014 

Bart Kresa Designs 2014

2013 HBO Emmy Party provided Projection Support to 
Billy Butchkavitz, Images By Lighting, & Bart Kresa at Pacific Design Center.
HBO Emmy Party Projection for Bart Kresa and Billy Butchkavitz

2013 TED Talks - Lead Projection Engineer for McCune Touring
2013 TED Talks - Lead Projection Engineer for McCune Touring

2013 PTTOW at Terranea - Technical Director and Projection Engineer with Bart Kresa & Matt Stone
Bart Kresa and Matt Stone

2012 ESPY's Nokia Party Technical Director / Projection Engineer / Media Manager with DNA Events and Adam Amaral at the Belasco Theater in Los Angeles
DNA Events ESPY's NOKIA Party 2012

2003 GALA Award Winner - Sphere Projection Technical Producer for Extraordinary Events & Brite Ideas & WorldStage (VideoApps) - NFL Super Bowl Saturday Night
NFL Event... My Team provided all 24'x36' Proscenium LED, four Barco B-10 LED screens
 & Multi-Camera Production Truck through FiveCurrents Scott Givens/Mark Poncher.

Click for full image  One laptop feeds 200' wide 30' tall edgeblend

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Dir./TD, Engineer, ENCORE & SPYDER Op., Widescreen HD Projectionist, DDR & Camera Op., Production Manager, Stage Manager, Graphics Operator (Powerpoint & Keynote), AV Tech....Stereoscopic 3D Specialist & Media Manager.  Digital HD & 3D Cinema Server Owner/Operator.

I.A.T.S.E. 695 / M.P.E.G.700 / Local 33 (Honorary Withdrawl) 

2013 Studies - Dataton WATCHOUT Operation with Show Sage & Barco ENCORE & ScreenPro II Certified Operation

2011 Studies: Spyder X20 class at Vista, Virtuoso676/Mbox class at PRG, Pandora's Box class at CooLux

FOR SALE = DVI to Cat5/Cat6 throwdown Box -  
Product feature: 1080P Cat5 send over 300 feet + DA with a network switch to over 700 feet.
Support 1920×1080@60Hz / One-to-one direct connection can reach 150m, (492 feet)  and can extend 100m (328 Feet) more after connecting network switch / Single network transmission, pure hardware design, no driver needed, compatible with all operation systems, support plug and play / Support TCP/IP protocol, adding network switch not even can extend transmitting distance, but also can work as a video distributor. / Support HDMI signal transmission / With IR function for option / With RS232 function for option  Net 30 shipping.  DVI to Cat5 300 feet

SurferBob and Gio "Party Wave" (music by Gio)

For Sale

2 HD channels of DOREMI LABS "Nugget" video servers.

Video Engineer - Reality Television
Profiles Television Productions
FORD "Escape Routes" 2012

Projectionist at Deathwish Premiere in DTLA at the Orpheum Theater.

Lead Production Assistant for Russell Simmons & Dennis Benatar at Def American

Production Assistant for Def Jam / Def American

Lead Production Assistant to Rick Rubin / Adam Dubin "Producer BOB"