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The ‘Surface Water Assessment eNabler’ (SWAN) is a software tool developed by ECPA to assist in assessing the environmental impact of new crop protection applications. The system allows the user to incorporate mitigation measures for spray drift and run-off of pesticides into FOCUS Surface Water Step 4 calculations.

This tool is being made freely available by ECPA for use by the scientific and regulatory community

On 19 June 2015, an update to SWAN (version 4.0.1) was released which is designed to operate with the new format of SWASH and TOXSWA. The SWAN development team decided not to make this new version of SWAN compatible with the older TOXSWA file format due to increased overhead in maintaining two sets of file formats in a single application. If SWAN 4 is pointed at the older SWASH format files, a message is displayed to the user indicating that they should use SWASH 3.2 to process this surface water assessment. Similarly, if you point SWAN version 3.2 at the newer file format a message is displayed informing the user to process the runs with SWAN 4. Versions of SWAN earlier than 3.2 will have undefined behaviour with the newer TOXSWA file format.

Both versions of SWAN are available for download from this website along with a portable version of SWAN 4.0.1 which can be used for Step 4 assessments on machine where you are not able to run the SWAN installer.

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