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Express Shopper

This is a simple and easy to use shopping application which lists items based on days remaining until next purchase. Calculation is based on the frequency settings for each item and/or purchase history. This helps to shortlist items that are about to finish.

Item Tab

Add Item : Menu -> Add New.

Add to Cart : Click to add the item to cart or Select Item Context menu -> Add to Cart

Remove from Cart : Click to remove the item from cart or Select item Context menu -> Remove from Cart

Search Item : Menu -> Search or Use mobile search key.

Edit Item : Select Item -> Edit or Select Item Context menu -> Edit Item

View Item : Select Item or Select Item Context menu -> View Item

Delete Item : Select Item -> Delete or Select Item Context menu -> Delete Item

Cart Tab

Mark Item : Select checkbox near the item. This helps to mark items which are purchased. This will NOT buy the item in the cart. Use Buy All option to buy all the items in the cart.

Buy All : Menu -> Buy All. Then select the purchase date and click set. This will buy all the items in the cart.

Remove from Cart : Select Item -> Remove from cart.

Update Quantity : Select Item -> Update Quantity -> Enter new value.

Clear Cart : Menu -> Clear Cart. This removes all the items from the cart.

Email Cart : Menu -> Email Cart. This opens the email application pre populated with items in the cart.

History Tab

This tab shows history of days which has purchases. To see the items purchased on a date, select the date.

Options Tab

Manage Groups : Helps to add, edit, delete item groups.

Manage History : Helps to delete previous purchase history.

Email Settings : Helps to set the default email id to send list of cart items.

Help : How to use this application for your shopping needs.