Tamil Literature Translation 

by S.Suresh 


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My aim is to translate Tamil literary works into English. I am starting with Kurunthogai. I plan to translate the modern masters as well.

I have been very impressed with Sangam poetry. Translations of some of the Sangam poems have been done by A K Ramanujan. His books on Sangam poetry are 'Poems of Love and War' & 'Interior Landscapes'. While I have been influenced by the translations of Ramanujan, my major source of inspiration was the series of articles that Jeyamohan wrote in Ananda Vikatan, titled 'Sanga Chitirangal'. Those articles made me read more of the Sangam poetry and my desire to communicate  their beauty to as many people as possible lead me to this translation project.

It is indeed very difficult to translate the Sangam poetry for various reasons. Ramanujan has written some very good articles on the difficulties faced in translating these poems. Refer to the Oxford India's Omnibus on Ramanujan.

I am using U.V.Swaminatha Iyer's "Kurunthogai" for the purpose of this translation. It is a scholarly work and more I read that book, the more my admiration for the poets and Swaminatha Iyer.

This is work in progress. Do keep visiting once in a while to check what has been updated.

You are welcome to give me your feedback and point out any errors. 

You can reach me at

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