Suresh Ramasamy

I am a PhD student in the robotics department at Oregon State University. My research interests are in dynamics and controls broadly speaking. I'm currently working on using principles of geometric mechanics to do efficient motion planning for robots actuated by internal shape changes. In the last year I have also been keen on learning more about geometric mechanics and control on manifolds and their applicability to robotic systems especially the ones which have nonholonomic constraints as an integral part of their dynamics. I currently work at the Laboratory of Robotics and Applied Mechanics(LRAM).

Research Interests

  • Ballbots
  • Applied non-linear Control
  • Nonholonomic Systems
  • Geometric Mechanics
  • Geometric Control 


  • S. Ramasamy, G.Wu, K. Dynamically Feasible Motion Planning through Partial Differential Flatness,  Robotics Science and Systems conference (2014).[pdf]