Coordinates :
Bangalore, India
12°56'40"N   77°37'14"E

Office : +91 72590 07247
Res :    +91 80 4206 2564
Cell :    +91 99450 12775
csur (AT) linuxmail (DOT) org

Greetings ! I am currently working as a Senior Computational Scientist in the innovations, research and development (IRD) lab at the Shell Technology Center, Bangalore.

By training I am an computational atomic physicist. I work on applied physics related to upstream petroleum research, high performance computing - performance tools and big data, algorithms and applications to atomic astrophysics. Previously I was working as a research scientist at the high performance computing group, IBM Systems and Technology Lab at Bangalore, India.  Prior to that, I worked at  Department of Astronomy, the Ohio State University, USA and Indian Institute of Astrophysics, Bangalore, India. Spending about six years as post-doctoral researcher I have moved to the industry with the idea of interfacing effectively the "not so popular" industry-academia collaboration.

My research interests are the following :
  • Applied High performance Computing (HPC) - Application of  HPC in atomic physics, astrophysics, quantum chemistry, bio medicine and petrophysics.
  • Parallel computing tools and algorithm,  energy efficient HPC (green HPC)
  • High Performance Data Analytics
  • Atomic many-body theories - coupled-cluster theory, many-body perturbation theory
  • R-matrix theory of electron scattering
  • Photoionization and recombination in atoms; radiative transitions
  • Biomedical applications of nanospectroscopy
My resume can be found here in PDF format. I try to keep my resume updated !

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